Trail Rides


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All trail rides are kept at a relaxed & comfortable pace for those who have never ridden before                                   

Our rides are great for families, single parents, friends & small private groups wanting to do something fun & adventurous together. 


NO children under the age of 6 or doubling on one horse (not permitted) children aged 6 will be lead on their own pony (Wildhorse area riders must be 8 year or older) 

Riding helmets provided   

All rides must be previously book , no drop in's   



Relaxing scenic ride with creek crossing & mountain views & on longer rides over look Cranbrook  

Great ride for beginners .

1.5 hour rides $65 per person 

2 hours $70 per person   

2.5 hours $75 per person

One to 5 riders   

Here are the weekends that will be available for rides in the  GOLD CREEK/home base area 

 Spring rides will be 10am Morning & 1pm afternoons

April 2-3  April 23-24  

May 21-22-23 

June 18-19 June 25-26 

July 9-10  July 30-31 ----------- Summer month rides will be morning 10am & 1pm 

August Monday 1st  13-14 August 27-28 -----/

September 3-4-5  September 24-25 

October 1-2 October 8-9 





Views of the magnificent Canadian Rockies & the Kootenay River 

2.5 hour long rides $95 per person  

3.5 hour long rides $140 per person 

4.5 hour long rides $215 per person 

2 to 6 riders  

June 11-12 

July 23-24 

August 6-7 

September 17-18  




Take a ride back in time on the Dewdney trail , visit the historic site of Fisherville , riding the rolling belothe towering Mount Fisher Peak  

2.5 hour long rides $95 per person 

3.5 hours $140 per. person 

4.5 hours $215 per. person 

this areas ride is for 2 to 3 riders aged 8 & older 

May 7-8 

June 4-5 

July 16-17 

August 20-21 

September 10-11 

Rides in the Mayook & Wildhorse area 

will be booked for 9am or 2pm  with possible evening rides 6/7pm 

All booked rides will be held with a $40 nonrefundable deposit & when the ride is completed this will go towards the amount owed  

with a cancelation refund prior to 24 hours before the ride by the booked riders or 

Because we can not control the weather deposit refunds will be returned if the weather is going to be unsafe & a  hazard to riders & horses

Extreme rainy-thunder/lightning & major windy or extreme smoke from any forest firers ytpe condition's

There will be NO rides if the temperatures is hotter then plus 26'c  

Rides will be cancelled by Trail boss & the nonrefundable deposit returned



Gold Creek -Mayook or Wildhorse areas 

Contact Patti  

text/call 250-417-9712 


private message via Facebook: 4ps in wide open spaces  

All rides are on a 1st book/deposit paid basis  

Accept , cash, e-transfer's ( or credit card payments