THESE LESSONS ARE A GREAT WAY TO INTRODUCE YOUR CHILD/CHILDREN TO THE WORLD OF HORSES Our basic riding lessons will be focusing on educating and inspiring the young horse loving children . Building confident while learning how to be safe around horses on the ground & in the saddle. , reading the horses body language & knowing what to expect by the way a horse is acting or reacting to something.  Putting on & properly using a halter & lead, brushing and grooming your horse, horse anatomy,  cleaning the horses feet & why it's important to spend time on the ground before going to the next step of saddling a horse, bridling, mounting & dismounting safely from the horse. Learning how to control the horse with the reins & how to use your legs & body to help with their control

Students will also learn how to control the horse at a walk, trot, & when I feel ready at a lope. When the student is ready we move from the arena pen out into wide open spaces; we go out on trail rides, play 'red light, green light', and follow the leader. Students will learn how to be safe out on the trail, around groups of other horses and on roads. Looking out for each other & building friendships with fellow students We spend up to a hour & a half riding each lesson session .   All riding is in a Western saddle .                                    

Basic - Beginners horsemanship & Riding lessons

- School age children 6+.

2 hour lesson. Please Call/Email for prices. This is for children who have no horse experience or who have only been lead on a horse. Start April to June. Mondays thru to Thursdays 4 to 6 pm , pick what day of the week works best for you & your child. 

There will be bad weather unmounted lesson days which will include some things along the line of : tack cleaning ,learning about emergency care ,how to blanket , leg wrap , load & unload a horse safely , indoor work sheets ,crafts and much more 



two hour lessons cost $70 per lesson per child 4 or less lessons

Package lesson prices :

5 or more lessons @ $65 per child per. lesson session 

A $5 discount to additional siblings COVID safety practice will be in place at all lessons .  


Next set of lessons will start March 2023